About Luxmore Construction

"Alan is focusing on New Home construction and Major Renovations as he takes Luxmore Construction to the next level.


Alan Luxmore, Owner, Contractor

Alan Luxmore grew up in Seattle with a love for acting, a natural skill for carpentry and a deep belief in giving back. In 2003, a chance request for him to volunteer on the ABC show, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" gave him the opportunity to utilize all three passions. His knowledge of construction and his love for the fast paced world of television proved to be a perfect combination for the show. Producers asked him to join the team and Alan spent the next 3 years, as the Senior Project Manager.

Alan LuxmoreAlan worked countless hours without sleep to help create a home makeover show without parallel and to transform the lives of deserving families across America. He is proud to have perfected the 100-hour build, something unheard of in the construction world. Alan had to be part construction, part physiatrist to pull off this feat. Besides managing a massive construction feat, he worked closely with the Executive Producer on the creative details of the show and learned the invaluable skill of field producing. They featured Alan numerous times in the spin off show, "How'd They Do That" and in 2006, Alan was featured on-camera in a special two hour Seattle edition of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition".

Alan has always embraced the adventures of life and strives for the opportunity to participate in what makes a difference. All through high school and well into his 20's, Luxmore pursued his dream of acting. Spending time in New York and Seattle, learning his craft and appearing in plays, commercials and independent films. His passion to entertain is complimented with his passion to understand people. He has a deep empathy towards people in all situations and it is one of the things that help him relate to any situation and any person.

Alan LuxmoreHaving been raised in a family of homebuilders, Alan has continued to hone his carpentry skills. At the age of twenty-six, Alan started his own construction company and within 3 years grew that company into a successful property development and residential home building business. Being born with a restless soul and a yearning for adventure, he traveled the world at an early age with nothing but a few hundred bucks and a smile. With a quick wit, dynamic personality, and a keen sense of adventure, Alan brings energy to every project he takes on.

Since traveling the country with "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and meeting every challenge thrown at him, Alan is now pursuing an on-camera acting/hosting career, and resides in the Bay Area near San Francisco. He is currently working on the several upcoming reality shows and various potential construction opportunities as well. Alan produces reality television shows while utilizing his construction experience in the field, and on camera. His determination to bring all facets of his professional career together once again are met with combining his skills as an actor, his love of production, and his knowledge of building- from the foundation of his experiences.

It is only a matter of time until the world knows the name Luxmore.

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